Birthday Wishes For Soulmate

Birthday Wishes For Soulmate

Birthday Wishes For Soulmate

Every day of the year, we must endeavour to be romantic and supportive. That is without question. Occasionally, though, the demands of life leave us with little to no time to communicate our amorous feelings. However, birthdays are the one day of the year when it is impossible to neglect your significant other. No matter what you do for your lover on his or her birthday, it is customary to send him or her a beautiful birthday greeting. Consequently, we assist you in finding the ideal wish for your loved one. Birthday Wishes for Soulmate, humorous greeting to my soulmate girlfriend gif images, and happy birthday soulmate quotes. A birthday greeting and SMS message to my love. Quotes, letters, texts, captions, and greeting cards wishing your partner a happy birthday. Happy birthday to my eternal soulmate, romantic birthday greetings from wife to husband. Best buddy and soulmate birthday quotes. Happy birthday, my dear sweetheart! Birthday greetings from a spouse’s soulmate.

Birthday Wishes for Soulmate. How to wish your significant other a happy birthday. Romantic birthday greetings for my soulmate and closest friend. Sister and my love, birthday wishes for my soulmate sister. What is the best way to wish my partner a happy birthday? To my soul mate best friend, greatest birthday greetings for your soulmate best friend, to my soul mate friend quotes. Happy birthday wishes to my soulmate, quotes to my soulmate spouse, wife, and lover, to you, my soulmate, my one and only soulmate.

Birthday wishes for Soulmate | Birthday Wishes For Dearest Soulmate

It’s your birthday, but I’m the one who should be celebrating the most. My favorite person in the world was born on this day.

I’m so glad you came into the world, and I’m even more glad you came into my world. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Your smile is cause for celebration. Your love is the most precious gift in the world. Your kisses could light a thousand birthday candles. Happy Birthday to someone who makes life itself feel like a special occasion.

One day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as special as you.

Happy Birthday to a [man/lady] who is the frosting on my cake, the flame on my candles, and the helium in my balloon.

There’s a birthday party in my pants, and you’re the guest of honor.

I wanted to give you all my soulmate for your birthday, but there’s no box big enough to hold it. Besides, it’s already yours.

Happy Birthday to someone who’s twice as sweet as any birthday cake. birthday wishes for soulmate

You make every day feel like my birthday, except I don’t need to blow out any candles because my wish already came true.

Were you really born on this day? Or did you just fly down from heaven as the beautiful angel you are?

Your life began on this day. My life began the day I met you. I’m so glad both days happened. Happy Birthday, darling.

Thank you God, for making such a perfect [man/girl] for me, and then leading me to [her/him].

I love you on your birthday, and every day, now and forever.

You’re something special, birthday [boy/girl]. I wouldn’t mind growing old with you.

I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday. How about my whole heart?

I hope you blow out all your candles, because I’m ready to make your wish come true tonight.

I know you have enough breath to blow out your candles, because you take mine away every day.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, my dearest, I will always love you!

Happy Birthday to God’s greatest creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’re perfect in every way.

Happy Birthday, baby. Trust me when I say there’s no other [man/woman] I’d rather see in [his/her] birthday suit.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter, my accomplice, my soulmate, my soulmate, my everything.

You can blow out your candles, but nothing can extinguish the torch I carry for you.

I wish I could somehow love you even more on your birthday, but I’m all tapped out. You already have every last bit of my heart.

Happy Birthday, my soulmate. I’ll be thinking about you every minute on your birthday. Just like every other day.

I like the idea of spending your birthday with you. What are you doing for all the rest of your birthdays?

Every year with you just gets better and better. Happy Birthday to someone who thoroughly rocks my world.

Even though we’re miles apart, you’re on my mind and in my heart. For your next birthday, I hope to have you in my arms as well. birthday wishes for soulmate

Happy Birthday, my soulmate. I hope you get everything your heart desires, because that’s exactly what you’ve given me.

Thanks for being born, sweetie. You make the world a better place, and you make my world complete.

Happy Birthday to a [man/woman] who makes me happy every day.

I want your birthday kiss to be the best ever. We might have to practice” a lot to get it right.

I’ll say the same thing to you now that I’ll say to you when you turn 100: You are the love of my life.

You are the best decision I could have ever made, and you are everything that is awesome about me. Happy birthday.

Every day with you is special to me, but today, other people also remember how wonderful you are. Still, you are still mine forever. Happy birthday.

You, my darling, are the only person I would want to be deserted on Antarctica with because your love warms me from the inside. Happy birthday.

You are the heartbeat that I would die without, you are the air that I breathe, you are the song on these happy lips of mine, and you are the light in my life that shines bright. Happy birthday to my most precious Soulmate; without your love, I lead an empty life.

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us. We are still alive, together and head over heels in love. Happy birthday, my dear.

I want to be that wish when you blow the candles on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday my soulmately soulmate.

You think about others above yourself so much that I bet you forgot it was your birthday! So happy to celebrate YOU today!

Honey, you are sweeter than honey, and your warm embrace never fails to plunge me in a world of bliss. Happy birthday to you, my dearest soulmate.

I appreciate so many things about you your strength, your calmness, your character and integrity, your sense of humor and how fun you are.

May your heart be full of joy, may it sing a song of happiness. Congratulations on your special day, my soulmate, I love you so much.

Wishing a wonderful happy birthday to the only man I love. I thank you for the wonderful experiences we have shared over the years.

Let’s celebrate the birthday of most handsome and wonderful person. Happy birthday dear.

Happy birthday to a person who means the world to me! You one person for whom I can bear all the pains of this world!

To My Wonderful soulmate, Happy Birthday. You deserve the best of everything, and hope you’ll have it, too, beginning with a birthday that is just as wonderful as you!

You are the light to my dark night, the star to my universe, the hero to my life. Happy birthday my soulmate!

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up. You make me feel special every day. Today, I want to take the opportunity to make you feel extra special. birthday wishes for soulmate

My world sparkled when you came to my life. Marrying you is the highlight of my life. I love you forever and always.

In your arms is where I feel safe. In your arms I feel loved. I am so grateful to be your soulmate. Happy birthday soulmate

My love, I wish you many years of good health and an amazing life so that we can enjoy our time here on earth even longer.

Your frown, your smile, your jokes, your quirks, your talents, your vices, good and bad, I love everything about you. Happy birthday sweetheart!

I am at peace with you, I am beautiful with you, I am perfect with you. You are sun that shines so brightly to my universe. I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday!

Baby I’m crazy for you. Baby I am lost without you. Baby be mine forever. Baby I’m yours and you’re mine. Have a wonderful birthday!

I can’t imagine my life without you in it. We are picture perfect. Happy birthday wishes for my soulmate!

Happy birthday to the coolest dad, most loving soulmate and most amazing person in the world! You never stop amusing us. Every day is a better with you in it. Thank you for all the fun.

No matter what happens, you will still be my number one. I will always be here for you. I love you my soulmate.

Happy Birthday to the most kind hearted and thoughtful soulmate alive. Loving you is always easy.

When I count my blessings, I count you twice, honey. You brought light and fragrance into my life when I needed it most. Happy birthday love.When I count my blessings, I count you twice, honey. You brought light and fragrance into my life when I needed it most. Happy birthday love.

You’ve given me so much more than I ever hoped for. Thank you for making me feel loved, thank you for sticking with me. Happy birthday soulmate.

I never thought that I would get such a wonderful soulmate like you. May your dreams be fulfilled. Wishing you a very happy birthday

Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life. you make my life come to my life. Happy birthday

my soul wants to be just closer to yours, Happy birthday.

All I want to do is to be in your arms forever, I am so lucky to have you in my life . Happy birthday

You want to know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again. Happy birthday my dear love

You want to know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again. Happy Birthday my soulmate

I’ll never finish falling in love with you. happy birthday to my beautiful soulmate.

It’s fall, and darling, the leaves aren’t the only things falling this season; for I am falling For you. Happy birthday my sweet little angel. birthday wishes for soulmate

How strange To dream of you Even when I am wide awake. Happy birthday my soulmate

In this love, the game of falling in and falling out You always  clinged to the boundary happy birthday

Darling, let me tell you a secret. In my heart we are always kissing. happy birthday

I lost my way all the way to you and in you I found all the way back to me. happy birthday

If someone could reach into my chest and tear out my heart and turn it into a living, breathing person, you would be it. Happy birthday.

There are no accidental meetings between souls thus our meeting were destined. Happy Birthday cute soul

Some souls are just meant to be for each other forever, and ever, and ever! and you’re the soul for me. Happy birthday

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once , happy birthday

I believe in loving with your whole soul , happy birthday

Imagine soul who is praying to god that he gets to marry you. I am that soul. happy birthday

my soulmate for you increasing every day happy birthday my soulmate.

You are enough a thousand time enough happy birthday my life line.

I never want to stop making memories with you. Happy birthday my beautiful love.

You make my heart smile. Happy birthday my smile.

I don’t care how complicated it gets I still want you. Happy birthday to the person who is always with me in my ups and downs.

You are my never ending thought. happy birthday to you my soulmate.

My heart is so full of you , I can heardly call it mine. happy birthday my heart, my better half.

Some time I look at you and I wonder How I got to be so lucky .Happy birthday my everything.

The happiest I ever felt was when I found that you love me too . Happy birthday my soulmate.

We love with the love with more than love. happy birthday my other half .

Love does not need to be perfect, IT just need to be true. Happy birthday to my true love, to my better half.

I only sleep to dream of being with you forever. happy birthday my soulmate. birthday wishes for soulmate

You know what is happy moment ? being with you . Happy birthday my happiness

You are not my number one , You are the only one. happy birthday to my one and only love.

You will forever be my always . Happy birthday to my forever love.

You will always have a part of me that is my heart. Happy birthday to the person whom I like the most

I am the luckiest soul in the world since I have you as my soulmate. Happy birthday my luck .

You are the best thing that ever been mine. Happy birthday to my best thing.

I love you more than all the starts. Happy birthday my stars.

You will allways be part of my whole . Happy birthday to my whole.

How lucky I am to have found my moon and my stars. Happy birthday my universe.

I promise this love story will never end. Happy birthday to my never ending love.

I am lucky to have as my live partner . Happy birthday cute little soul.

I love how you make me feel safe when I’m with you. Happy birthday my gurdian like soul mate.

I will always choose you even at days when we don’t understand each other. Happy birthday my life.

Even the smallest moment spend with you feels like the best moment of my life. happy birthday my better half.

I am so lucky to have you as my soulmate. happy birthday my soulmate

I just want to see you happy because you’re the reason I am happy. Happy birthday to my lovely soulmate.

I am totally addicted to you my soul mate. Happy birthday my addiction.

You mean more than world to me. happy Birthday my world.

I don’t know where my mind goes but my heart belongs to you. Happy birthday to the person who has my heart.

I am the luckiest soul in the world since I have you as my soulmate. Happy birthday my luck .

I am all yours just trust in my words my soulmate. Happy birthday my better half

You are my soulmate, which means we have an even deeper connection than anyone else in our lives. Happy birthday my deep deepest love.

My soulmate, today is your birthday and marks another year that the most fantastic human being has graced the earth. Happy birthday my soul mate.

Its tough to get older especially if you’re a woman but I wouldn’t have it any other way I love you for birthday wishes for soulmate.

Don’t celebrate your birthday without me I see you as an extension of myself so its my birthday too

I love your birthday the most because it was the day that you were created for me Happy Birthday

Although you are now a year older your birthday is very special to me because I have you in my life

I hope when you turn years old youre as loving to me as youve always been Happy Birthday I love you

The stars that shine in the sky are similar to the shine of love that I have in my eyes for you only

Beautiful gorgeous lovely sexy doesnt even begin to describe you You are my everything Happy Birthday

Love was made for two so how about taking to the alphabet and putting U and I together Happy Birthday

I don’t mind falling as long as I’m falling in love with you Don’t ever change the way you are Happy B day

Aging is to be expected on your birthday but you havent aged a day in my eyes I love you Happy Birthday

Two can play the game of love lets float away like doves My heart is meant for you know my soulmate is true birthday wishes for soulmate.

All the stars in the sky would be meaningless without you in my life Have an incredible birthday my soulmate

The day of your birth was truly a miracle and I knew in my heart that I was meant to be with you forever

Don’t let the world get you down on your birthday remember that I’m always here for you and always will be

Getting one year older on your birthday is not a bad thing because we get to spend your birthday together

The moon stars and sun cant possibly shine as brightly as your smile You brighten up my life Happy Birthday

Loving you gets easier each and every day Now you have aged once more so with love I shall say Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the one I love hopefully you will stay as sweet and as kind as you are now and never change

All the sadness in my world merely driven away by one radiant smile from you Happy Birthday to the one I love

I feel that I was born into this world simply to love you I cant imagine my life without you in it Happy B day

No birthday can be complete without a little romance Happy Birthday have a slice of cake then meet me upstairs

Even if the world were to be swallowed up by the ocean Id be happy living on a sailboat with you Happy Birthday

Although youre probably tired on your birthday dont let it get you down because Ill always be around Happy B day birthday wishes for soulmate

Thinking only of you on your birthday Wish you were here but the best thing I can do is to stop and dream of you

My soul longs to be with you My mind filled with thoughts of holding you in my arms Have a wonderful birthday today

A truck load of roses would not be enough to express how much I love you on this special day Happy Birthday gorgeous

Another year has passed by with you in my arms I cant wait for many more years to come I love you and Happy Birthday birthday wishes for soulmate

No other in this world can make me as happy as you Before your birth my life was always blue Please don’t ever go away

If today was my last day on earth Id only want to spend it with you hopefully you feel the same way too Happy Birthday

I breath in as you breath out My heart beats in time with yours Our lips touch and passion ignites Happy Birthday lover birthday wishes for soulmate

You are the reason I rise up in the mornings and the reason I keep moving forwards Happy birthday I will always love you

I don’t need to win the lottery for you are the greatest treasure anyone could ever hope for I love you and happy birthday

You make me laugh when I want to cry You dry the lowly tear from my tired eyes Thank you for being you and happy birthday

No other person has touched my heart the way you have I believe we were truly meant to be Have a wonderful and Happy Birthday

Our love is true and pure no others can compare I love every part of you including your beautiful hair Have a Happy Birthday

If the world ended on this day and I only had one thing left to say It would be I love you Happy Birthday my lovely soul mate

Sending you the best wishes on your birthday hopefully youll make some time for some romance on your special day Happy Birthday birthday wishes for soulmate

I love the fact that youre now a year older thats one more year that we get to appreciate our beautiful relationship I Love You

Faith trust hope joy but love is the greatest of all Especially my soulmate for you Happy birthday to the greatest person in my life birthday wishes for soulmate

Just as the foamy waves crash upon the sandy shore so my heart seeks you more and more With all my heart I wish you a happy birthday

Lets make no plans What if we do nothing today but love each other Holding you is what I want to do I love you baby and Happy Birthday

If the sun never shined again and the storms never went away As long as I still have you I can truly say I am blessed Happy birthday baby

Forever blinded by your beauty Lead me to your secret place where we can take hold of our love until the day breaks once more Happy Birthday

You are the light within my darkness the wind which blows away my storms In you my soulmate forever stays With all of me I wish you a happy birthday.

Take my hand when you are down Walk with me although youre blind Sing with me even if you have no voice Your heart is what I love Happy Birthday

I heard from God today He confirmed my suspicions about you He said he lost an angel and I said I know right where she is Happy Birthday beautiful

You loved me when I was down when I was sick or when I had a frown You keep me smiling everyday and I just want you to know its my turn so Happy Birthday

Oh no you have aged Dont worry You are getting better with age just like the finest wine on earth I wanna pour a glass of you and drink it all Happy birthday

If time stood still and the world was no more My heart would remember how you met me at the door A kiss a touch a love that never ever ends Happy Birthday

Hey firecracker I hope you have one bright and shiny day

Wishing you the jolliest and happiest birthday ever my sweet birthday wishes for soulmate

The most loving wishes to the one that makes my life complete

Happy Birthday my soulmate May your day be super bright and super special birthday wishes for soulmate

They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with cake. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to the one without whom my life is incomplete

Happy Birthday my soulmate May your day be super bright and super special

You are my joy my treasure my greatest gift of life Happy birthday baby

May your Big Day be full of limitless joy and true happiness I love you

Happy Birthday to the one without whom my life is incomplete

Hey birthday girl celebrate hard and party even more Today is your day to be adored birthday wishes for soulmate

Presents and parties cocktails and more Heres wishing you a super fun birthday

You are my joy my treasure my greatest gift of life Happy birthday baby

I wish you a day as sunny as your smile as shining as your eyes as beautiful as you are birthday wishes for soulmate

This year may be full of surprises and your first one comes from me Happy birthday love

Presents and parties cocktails and more Heres wishing you a super fun birthday

I wish you a day as sunny as your smile as shining as your eyes as beautiful as you are

This year may be full of surprises and your first one comes from me Happy birthday love birthday wishes for soulmate

You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happen to me in life Have an awesome bday my soulmate

Congratulations on your birthday honey May life bring you everything that you are dreaming about

Closing the doors on the world so we can be together is where I find the most joy Happy Birthday

Sweetheart I am so lucky that I have you in my life Enjoy your Big Day may it bring you tons of joy birthday wishes for soulmate

Poets and painters express my feelings best My poor self can only say Happy Birthday and I love you

Happy birthday to the girl who taught me life is so much bigger and beautiful than I knew I love you

I hope that your Birthday is beautiful wonderful and full of lovejust like you Celebrate You deserve the best

Every day with you is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments I love you baby Happy Birthday

I am the luckiest person on the Earth because I have the most wonderful girl by my side Happy bday to you sweetie

Every day with you is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments I love you baby Happy Birthday

Darling you are a wonderful bloom in a beautiful garden where only true love grows Wishing you a brilliant Birthday

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me I want nothing but the best for you today Happy birthday my soulmate

A kiss here a kiss there a thousand kisses for your birthday Have a lovely day and may everyone see your gorgeous smile

Did you hear a light tap on your shoulder this midnight It wasnt Santa Claus it was me wishing you a very Happy Birthday

Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life Happy birthday love and I wish you all the best Love you

The day you were born was a lucky day for so many people You enrich my life so much and I love you more than you might know birthday wishes for soulmate

Dear love I wish you all the best for your birthday and I promise that I will do everything to make you happy Hugs and Kisses

From the minute I saw you I was hooked Your eyes your smile all of it perfect I am so glad to be able to call you my soulmate

I used to like you but now I absolutely love you You are incredibly special to me Today I wish you a house full of friends and love

Happy birthday to my soulmately girlfriend You are incredibly special to me and I cherish our days together Heres to many more in our future

It is difficult to buy a gift for you sweetheart Because I want to buy you the entire world for you Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday

Thank you for proving to me that our love was worth holding onto Having another birthday to celebrate with you is the best Happy birthday my dear birthday wishes for soulmate

Today is the perfect day to tell you that youre a wonderful girlfriend Happy birthday I wish you all the best on this day and throughout the year

To a wonderful girlfriend may this day and your entire year bring you closer to your friends family and God With all of my heart I am wishing you a

With as much love as I can share I wanted to let you know I care Enough to send some love your way On your very special day Happy Birthday sweetheart

On this journey called life I am so glad to have you to walk with to our destination Happy birthday to the best girlfriend and tour guide a guy could hope for

Falling in love should last forever Forget all the bad and the things that made you sad All best wishes from someone who loves you immensely Happy Birthday

You are everything that one man could wish for Therefore I will try to return all the happiness that you brought into my life back to you Happy birthday my soulmate

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever You deserve all the success happiness and love in the world Lets celebrate this special day of your life together birthday wishes for soulmate

I celebrate you every single day and because this day is extra special I celebrate you in a very special way with this special note Thanks for coming into my life

At the start of each day I drop to my knees and thank the heavens for you You have changed my life and warmed my heart in more ways than you can ever know Happy birthday love

You are my soul mate my partner and most trusted friend I cant imagine how my life would be without you On your birthday I want to remind you of all the reasons why I love you

Before you my world was like a roller coaster full of ups and downs As soon as I met you though time stood still Happy birthday to the one solid constant in my life Have a joyous day

Dance as though no one is watching you Love as though you have never loved before Sing as though no one can hear you Live as though heaven is on earth I Wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday

On this your birthday I wish you everything your heart desires You are such a good woman that you truly deserve the best the world has to offer Heres to another happy birthday for you

Because todays your birthday And because you’re extra nice One wish is not enough for you And so here’s wishing twice Hoping your Birthdays wonderful In every single way And next year brings happiness For my soulmate every day

Have you ever thought what life would be like without me Yeah I could not see it either I have been lucky in love thanks to you my dear Happy Birthday to the only person I can imagine building a future full of love with birthday wishes for soulmate

Happy Birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart. I am thankful for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness never ends.

life with someone like you is as cute as you are, happy birthday my cutie pie.

I have never met a person who is as sweet as you are. On this day, we celebrate your sweetness by eating a sweet cake and drinking some sweet wine.

They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with cake. Happy birthday.

I hope your Birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best, and I wish that for you. Best wishes, my soulmate.

You are the reason I smile every day. Our passion will never go away, and our love will shine brightest on this special day. I love you birthday wishes for soulmate

You are the gift in my life, and on your special day, I give you the gift of my soulmate. Take it with open arms, and embrace my hug.

You are the best thing that has happened in my life, and I hope you have an awesome birthday. You deserve it, my soulmate, and I will make sure your dreams come true.

Today is your special day. Let me be your genie. Every wish you make, I will fulfill it. Happy Birthday my soulmate.

You are the best thing that has happened in my life, and I hope you have an awesome birthday. You deserve it, my soulmate, and I will make sure your dreams come true.

Like apples on trees and smiles so deep, you are the one who makes my world so complete. Happy birthday, Babe! birthday wishes for soulmate

When I smell you I smell a rose garden, when I touch you I become numb and when you kiss me I get dizzy. Let’s make this last forever. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

I hope this day is as special to you as it is to me. It is my most favorite day of the year because it’s the day you were born.

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, baby!

I live for your kisses and wait for each hug. Happy birthday, angel!

Honey, if you don’t believe in miracles, I’m going to have to find you a different nickname. You’re my miracle. Happy birthday!

If I could love you to the moon and back, I would tell the stars thank you for putting those twinkles in your eyes. Happy birthday!

Snow White made history, Cinderella was beautiful and Arielle was a gorgeous mermaid. But you are by far my favorite Princess. Happy birthday. birthday wishes for soulmate

If I died today, the world would not lose so much. But if you were not born my life would not be complete as it is right now. Happy birthday, my soulmate!

Wish whatever you like on this day. But if I had my wish I would wish for nothing. You are all I need. Happy birthday.

Party like there is no tomorrow. Just be responsible! Happy B`Day, my Queen!

Tomorrow will not be your special day anymore, so do not waste any minute of it! Happy B Day! D

Don’t worry about your age. You are still younger than your next birthday. Have a special Celebration, my girl.

Have you checked the number of candles on your birthday cake? You have to blow the entire candle by sniffing. Ha ha ha. Happy Birthday, Candle Queen!

Happy Birthday, Babe! All we know that you have the attractiveness of a cute Little Mermaid and the skills of a Good Fairy. So let me stay your pleasant Prince forever. And besides, let the power of your charm defeats all the evil Witches in your life!

You are someone whose birthday can easily be remembered without using any kind of reminder options. birthday wishes for soulmate

Look at my delicious cake. I know you love cakes so let’s finish it together.

This SMS is free of extra fat, cholesterol, and additives. It is totally organic, but it is full of sugar. This SMS is as sweet as the person reading it. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart !

Today I found a clown inside you! I’m just kidding! You bring so much happiness and fun to my life, and you are the most special person for me, darling. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Don’t worry about your home. I want your B Day to be safe, so I have already booked a fire extinguisher, in case your bday cake catch fire. Love you, my Princess!

Happy Birthday, dear soulmate! You always make me realize how fortunate I am for having you in my life! I love you so much!

To the woman of my life, thanks for everything you have ever done for me. I hope you have a great year ahead. Happy birthday and I love you. birthday wishes for soulmate

May each and every wish of yours come true and may we be together forever to celebrate them all. Happy birthday soulmate!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful soulmate. May God give you all the happiness in this world, because you deserve it.

Happy birthday, my dear soulmate. You always fill up my senses and make me believe that love is divine. Thanks for making everyday worth living. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being such a fun, caring, loving, soulmate!

Happy birthday my dear soulmate. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love you. Let’s be happy forever.

I will not let the shadow of sadness fall on you till my last breath. Happy Birthday Love.

Thanks for being my soulmater, my soulmate, my best friend and my soulmate! I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Happy birthday, soulmate!

I pray that the Almighty sends all his angels down to bestow all his blessings upon you. Happy birthday my soulmate

Words can’t describe how special and perfect you are to me. I just want to say I love you so much and happy birthday handsome.

I thought soulmates are to protect wives from danger. But the irony is I had to protect you from a spider. Such a scared cat. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Dear soulmate, what shall I gift you, while thinking this, I realized, oh I’m already the gift for you.

Honey, I want you to know that you are just like red peppers, you get riper with age and so much spicier as well. Happy birthday to my feisty soulmate!

When I count my blessings, I count you twice, honey. You brought light and fragrance into my life when I needed it most. Happy birthday love.

You have so many good qualities: you make me smile, laugh, and more importantly, you make me incredibly happy. Happy birthday to my humorous, hard-working, and handsome soulmate!

our frown, your smile, your jokes, your quirks, your talents, your vices, good and bad, I love everything about you. Happy birthday sweetheart!

When I open my eyes from a deep sleep and see you lying next to me, those are the best moment of my days. I could not imagine living one day without you. Happy Birthday, my soulmate!

Even when you are old, gray, and feeble, I will still love you. You always have and will always be the only man for me. Happy birthday to the man who always holds the key to my heart!

No matter at which the age you are, nor if a white blanket covers your head, you will always be the man whom I wanted to share my life. You have a beautiful day, love!”

You are great at being an amazing soulmate and you make it look so easy. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

My life was so empty before you came into it, and when I met you my whole world changed for the better. I look back and am so thankful that I married such a compassionate, driven, and affectionate man. Happy birthday my soulmate!

Your kisses are sweeter than candies and your hugs are softer than a teddy’s. I’m in a very serious kind of love with you. Happy birthday!

You love me, you care for me, you pamper me, you can do anything to make me happy. But you know what, I love you more than you do to me. Lots of love and kisses on your birthday.

My soulmate, you may be rough from the outside but you’re gentle from the inside and this is why I love you so much, best birthday!”

You are the most adorable and romantic soulmate in this world. Thank you for being my only love and my entire world. Happy birthday soulmate!

My sweet soulmate, I want to kick you out on most days. Then I remember that I simply can’t live without you.

May God bless you with infinite moments of happiness and may you get whatever you wish for.

Yes, the most charming is my companion, what else could I ask for? I believe that you will achieve everything you want and I will be still beside you, holding you tight! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Waking up seeing your face makes my day beautiful. And I always want it to stay like this. Happy Birthday darling.

Happy Birthday. Each year that passes is another opportunity for me to let you know what an amazing life partner you are!

I love the way you look at me, the way you treat me and my family, the way you love me and the way you care for me. I am so blessed to have you as my soul mate.

I hope that this birthday you get everything you could ever desire. Other than having a beautiful wife like me! May your year be filled with delight and happiness. Happy birthday!

You have given me endless moments of joy and happiness over the years. You are more than my lover; you are my best friend. I hope your birthday is just as fantastic as you are.

Take love, multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depths of forever…and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you. I love you and I hope you have a deliriously happy birthday.”

However long we have together, I know that you are the one for me. You bring me joy and laughter. We are one fantastic couple. Happy birthday to my favorite guy! Love you hubby!

To my love, it’s your special day and I wish one day when you sit at peace to think of good memories, you think about us. Happy birthday sweet soul, kisses and hugs sweetheart!

The next time you think about complaining about your old age, don’t forget that I am older than you! Enjoy your birthday, cute soul.

Dear Heart, I have no expensive gifts to give you but my thoughts are of you as you celebrate this great day. Happy Birthday, baby.

Deep down in my heart, I know that I can trust u blindly. But you taught me something more important – which is to trust myself blindly. Happy birthday. With love, your dear beloved.

You are not necessary but compulsory to me. I can’t imagine my world without you. A very happy birthday to my hubby!!

They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with cake. Happy birthday.

Dear soul mate, Thank you for all the times you supported me, loved me, hugged me tight, and guided me like a shining light. Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have you. Happy Birthday, love!

Thank you for all the times you supported me, loved me, hugged me tight, and guided me like a shining light. Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have you. Happy Birthday, love!

You are an incredible man and you are a true role model for our children! Have a happy birthday, dearest!

Thank you for always encouraging me to believe in myself. I’m glad I get to spend the rest of my life returning the favor because someone as supportive and loving as you are hard to come by.

Tonight, I wish to dance the night away with you under the moonlight. Sharing this night with you means a lot to me. Have a magical birthday celebration.

Your love, passion, style, kindness, wit, humor is one of a kind. I feel so thrilled and blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, dear Jaan!

I’m grateful to God because He heard my wish. I wanted a direction to sanity and He has sent you. You’re my sanity. Happy Birthday.

You’ve given me loads of love and comfort over the years, and I am always grateful. I am so glad I get to spend the rest of my days. Happy birthday, sweat heart

I want to be that wish when you blow the candles on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday my lovely cute partner.

May God all your desires come true that you have. Happy birthday Jannu!

There is no doubt that you are the best person in the world. Do I doubt your directional abilities, cooking, or laundry skills? Yes, but never your love. Happy birthday to my darling !

Words to describe my soulmate. Wonderful, amazing, unique, incomparable, handsome, strong, incredible…I could go on forever. Wishing you a blessed birthday.

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